Jake Paul challenges Dana White to insane $5M bet on Anderson Silva fight

Jacob Hale
Jake Paul at Anderson Silva press conferenceYouTube: Showtime Sports

Jake Paul has offered to make a ridiculous $5 million bet with UFC owner Dana White ahead of his match against UFC legend Anderson Silva.

On Jake’s journey to becoming one of the most significant names in the boxing world, he has often been brash, loud, and very confident in his ability, sliding right into the combat sports world with ease, a far cry from his YouTube and Disney Channel background.

As a result, he’s made a number of enemies on the way. As well as the likes of fellow YouTuber KSI and MMA star Conor McGregor, UFC owner Dana White has had a frequent back-and-forth beef with the younger Paul brother.

With Jake often calling for Dana to increase fighter pay, he’s now challenged the UFC boss to a substantial bet.

“Dana, I know you’re watching bro,” he said, calling out White directly at the press conference for his fight with Anderson Silva. “You still owe me $1 million from when you bet against me on Ben Askren.

“I want you to come out of hiding, stop being a b*tch, and make a bet against me and Anderson, and actually pay up this time, because you didn’t think I would take this fight. So, let’s make a bet, let’s put $1m, $2m, let’s put $5m on it. But I bet you won’t, Dana, because you’re a b*tch.”

This bet comes less than two weeks after Dana White called for people to “stop asking him” about Jake Paul, clearly done with any conversation around the YouTuber-turned-boxer.

For that reason, we shouldn’t expect Dana to respond to Paul’s bet, but if he does it could mean there are way more stakes in the fight than there already is.