Jake & Logan Paul explain why they want kids in 2020

Virginia Glaze
Jake 'n Logan, YouTube

Jake & Logan Paul are two of the most popular faces on YouTube, having recently taken a sharp turn in their careers to focus on boxing – but that isn’t the only major change they have in store.

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Between practicing for boxing matches and uploading videos, it looks like the two YouTubers are also interested in expanding their family name, as told during a joint video on October 1.

In what seems to be a quarter-life crisis, both Jake and Logan revealed a desire to have kids in 2020, with the two hoping to raise their kiddos side-by-side at the same time – for aesthetic purposes or “family channel” clout.

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Jake Paul, Instagram
YouTube stars and brothers Jake and Logan Paul are hoping to change their lives in a big way next year.

“We think 2020 might be the year of babies,” Logan began.

“…what if Logan and I, we both have surrogates, and have babies at the same time,” Jake continued. “So that our babies and kids can grow up together and be on the same NBA team. …I think this year is the year, though. I wanna be a young dad. I wanna be a cool, young dad.”

(Timestamp: 6:25 for mobile viewers)

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However, their plans were stopped short by their father, Greg Paul, who adamantly claimed that he “wasn’t ready” to be a grandfather yet.

“Actually, I’m ready, you guys aren’t ready,” he clarified. “So if you guys get kids, I’m just gonna be raising them for you.”

Jake Paul’s pregnancy pranks

This wouldn’t be the first time Jake has hinted about wanting a family, either: the Team 10 co-founder has been trolling his wife, Tana Mongeau, for months, claiming that the YouTube star is pregnant in multiple Tweets and even an interview with news outlet the Hollywood Fix.

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Despite his claims, Mongeau is adamant that she is not carrying his child – a topic she addressed during an update video on the same day.

“It’s like, you know, I get where you’re coming from, going with the pregnant thing,” she began. “Then in two days, I’m gonna be out, seen drunk at a club, and people are gonna be like, ‘Wow.’”

(Timestamp: 13:15 for mobile viewers)

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No matter their reasons, it looks like both Paul brothers are open to welcoming “mini-me’s” into their lives: but it doesn’t look like Tana Mongeau is interested in having kids anytime soon.