JaackMaate slams Laurence McKenna for being a "p***k" during TrueGeordie's Clash of Creators stream - Dexerto

JaackMaate slams Laurence McKenna for being a “p***k” during TrueGeordie’s Clash of Creators stream

Published: 31/Jul/2021 21:02

by Alan Bernal


YouTuber ‘JaackMaate’ slammed fellow content creator Laurence McKenna for his brand of commentary during TrueGeordie’s rerun of the Clash of Creators football event. McKenna has since responded to backlash for the broadcast.

Clash of Creators was created by 17-year-old Callum Glanville who invited UK YouTubers, big and small, like himself to kick the ball around and raise money for ‘Mind,’ an organization that aims to support those battling with their mental health.

Days after the grass settled at the Aveley Football Club Ground, McKenna and TrueGeordie gave the event a watch. True to form, there was plenty of banter and fun commentary throughout, but JaackMaate felt some lines were crossed at times.


(Timestamp starts at 1:07 for mobile viewers)

“I’ve got to say, he comes across as a bit of a p***k in it, mate,” JaackMaate said during his ‘Happy Hour Podcast’ with event organizer Glanville.

“It’s a charity event that a f**king 16-year-old dreamt up and then you dedicated it to the memory of your f**king dad that passed away, [Laurence], you don’t need to make sh**ty comments.”

Some of JaackMaate’s biggest gripes against McKenna came from comments that bashed everything from the production value to disparaging remarks on the smaller creators who showed up that day.


He was impressed with the “poetic story” of how the event was put together and wasn’t too pleased with McKenna’s reactions throughout TrueGeordie’s Twitch stream.

As backlash mounted, McKenna responded to the drama and apologized to people who became upset for what he said.

“I play fast and loose with how I make jokes sometimes,” he said. “People who watch me regularly know that I trust an audience to interpret my intentions. In this instance, I didn’t understand the full context of who it was upsetting. I’m sorry to people that I upset, I didn’t intend that.


“So let me make this very clear for anyone who didn’t understand where I’m coming from. Jokes often need to be water tight and these weren’t always that. I’ve tried to make amends with some people involved.”

Glanville said that TrueGeordie and McKenna have open invitations to participate in the next Clash of Creators, as there doesn’t seem to be any harsh feelings between the YouTubers.