Is David Dobrik dating Madison Beer? YouTuber clears up rumors

. 2 years ago
YouTube: David Dobrik / Madison Beer

David Dobrik’s love life is the source of much controversy in the YouTuber’s fandom. From Madison Beer, to Addison Rae, and his assistant Natalie Noel, everyone is taking sides. Dobrik has come out in a recent interview to shut them all down though.

It’s the biggest question in the Dobrik fandom right now ⁠— who is the YouTube star dating? He’s been linked to some of the internet’s biggest stars, with rumors floating about for months.

The biggest one circulating right now is his hookup with Madison Beer. The American pop star has been linked to Dobrik for weeks now, but the YouTuber has cleared the air ⁠— and some fans will be disappointed.

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Madison Beer has appeared in plenty of videos with Dobrik as of late.

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David Dobrik shuts down Madison Beer dating rumors

The YouTuber was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight regarding the rumors tying him with the singer, which he shot down immediately.

“Maybe we are,” he said jokingly, before correcting the record. “Nah, just kidding about that one. We’re not dating.”

It comes after the duo have appeared in numerous Tiktoks together that seemed to spark more rumors about the pair hooking up. In one, he even teased the two were going on a date. However, it was all just for a bit of fun, he assured fans.

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What about his assistant, Natalie Noel?

Madison Beer isn’t the only person Dobrik has been linked to. His assistant, Natalie Noel, has also been another possible hookup. However, he also shot that down, and Noel confirmed it on camera as well.

“Nah, she wishes ⁠— we’re not,” he added. “It should be obvious at this point that there’s never going to be a time where Natalie and I hook up. Even if we were stuck inside for 25 years, it’s never going to happen.”

He added that all the rumors are just that ⁠— rumors ⁠— and sometimes fans take things a bit too far. “I don’t really care, should I have a reaction where I’m like upset? You interact with one female, or somebody that people think you look cute with and everyone assumes you’re dating.”

YouTube: David Dobrik
Dobrik and Noel denied the rumors they were dating.

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So, who is he dating, or is he dating at all? Well, only one person really knows, and that’s Dobrik himself.

Until he comes out into the public eye with a partner, it’ll forever remain a mystery. However, that won’t stop the shipping, and the YouTuber is sure to have a bit of fun teasing his fans with the next rumor too.

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