IRL Twitch streamer freaks out after monkey “attacks” and steals from her

Twitch streamer winnieechang with monkeyTwitch/Instagram: winnieechang

A Twitch streamer traveling through Taiwan was absolutely gobsmacked after a literal monkey launched itself at her and stole her food right out of her hand.

IRL Twitch streams are always home to some weird, wacky and downright worrying events. We’ve seen innocent women attacked by strangers, and streamers confront racist passersby, as well as lock themselves in graveyards accidentally.

In short, there’s no limit to some of the strange situations that some IRL streamers manage to find themselves in.

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However, this clip might (literally) take the cake for one of the craziest you’ll ever see.

winnieechang twitch streamerInstagram: winnieechang
Winnieechang was horrified at this monkey stealing her food.

Winnieechang regularly streams her adventures, and is currently on a road trip in Taiwan at the time of writing. But she got a bit more adventure than she asked for during this stream.

While walking around, you can see the shock on Winnie’s face when she spots a monkey randomly walking around by a bench — but that didn’t prepare her at all for what was about to happen.

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After walking closer to get a better look, the monkey launches itself at her and then swiftly runs off, with Winnie screaming that the monkey had stolen her cake, evidently shocked at what had gone down.

To make the clip even funnier, the monkey barely even runs that far; they perch themselves on a fence nearby and eat the cake, goading Winnie to dare try get her cake back.

After running up and down the fence a few times, with one passerby even trying to tell the monkey off, they finally ran away with the cake, leaving Winnie grateful that they didn’t take her phone, at least.

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Needless to say, Winnie is going to think twice before she dares approach a random wild animal again — especially if she’s got food in her hand.

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