IRL streamer spooked by strange incident in his ‘haunted’ hotel room - Dexerto

IRL streamer spooked by strange incident in his ‘haunted’ hotel room

Published: 7/Mar/2020 22:34

by Brent Koepp


An IRL streamer was explaining to his Twitch chat that he had never seen a ghost before, when a strange occurrence in his hotel room creeped his viewers out.

IRL streams are one of the most popular categories on Twitch, as viewers are drawn to the unpredictability of them. When going live in the real world, literally anything can happen.

A hitchhiking personality became an example of this when a March 7 broadcast in his hotel room suddenly turned creepy. A perfectly timed incident had his chat believing in ghosts.

IRL streamer’s creepy hotel room

IRL streamer ‘Hitch’ documents his travels around the world, and gives viewers a glimpse into what it’s like to hitchhike. However during his latest broadcast, the subject of paranormal activities was brought up by his viewers.


While his chat insisted that the current hotel room he was in was creepy, the personality explained that in all the places he has visited and stayed in, he had never seen ghosts before.

“All my life I have probably camped out probably a thousand nights. I’ve never experienced something that couldn’t be explained. I’ve never seen anything that couldn’t be explained, I’ve never heard anything that could have no explanation,” he said.

As Hitch continued to explain he had never seen anything strange before, the lights suddenly flickered on behind him. The streamer paused, and slowly turned his head around to see what had happened, before turning back to his camera.


His chat erupted into people being creeped out by the incident, with many exclaiming that it was a ghost. However the streamer broke into laughter and said “The timing!”

The Twitch personality also curiously noticed something on the wall hidden behind a painting, so he took it down to reveal a bizarre drawing. “Uh. I think that might be a murder scene. I don’t know about that. What is going on here?” he said, perplexed by the image.

While it seems the creepy hotel room has not convinced the IRL streamer that ghosts do in fact exist, the perfectly timed bizarre incident had many in his chat getting the chills.


Hitch had originally planned to hitchhike across Europe to make it to Twitchcon 2020 in Amsterdam, although it was recently canceled due to coronavirus concerns. Despite that, the Twitch personality is carrying on with his trip as planned.