Twitch streamer Destiny criticized for promoting NFTs after calling it a “scam”

Lawrence Scotti

Twitch streamer Steven ‘Destiny’ Bonnel has been criticized for doing an NFT advertisement – just days after calling them “pyramid scheme bulls**t.”

On November 3, popular Twitch personality Destiny talked at length about the current craze for NFTs, the non-fungible tokens that have become quite popular over the last year and have caused a buzz on social media.

When talking all things NFTs, he stated “Every single person on the internet that is pushing NFTs is just trying to find a bigger sucker. That’s it. That’s all it is. Every one of them. Basically scammers.”

Just a few days later, a clip of Destiny doing an ad for an NFT website on his Twitch channel went viral.

destiny nftDestiny/NFT
Destiny had harsh words for NFT enthusiasts, then promoted them on his channel.

Destiny promotes NFTs after calling them a “scam”

On November 4, Destiny read a sponsored ad for Eternal, a website that sells Twitch clips as NFTs on the blockchain. The company described the product on their website as, “Eternal Moments are non-fungible tokens (NFTs), whose uniqueness and rarity are guaranteed by the blockchain.”

Destiny did an ad read for the website and said, “the idea behind this is you can basically buy and sell Twitch clips, and you can get an NFT that you get autographed by the streamer who the clip is of.”

The sponsorship comes in the same week that Destiny had harsh words for NFTs when he noted, “You’re buying some worthless f***ing s**t, with the hopes you can pawn it off on some other loser in the future, who thinks they can pawn it off on somebody else. It’s all pyramid scheme bulls**t. That’s what it is.”

One viewer said about the situation, “This is REALLY funny. Imagine giving up the moral high ground for THIS, and so flagrantly. Man must be in seriously dire straits to need this cash”

Another fan on Reddit said, “Lmao the whole ‘living your principles’ memes with Hasan are so much funnier now.”, as Destiny and Hasan had publicly butted heads recently.

Another user claimed that they had been permabanned from Destiny’s chat for criticizing the ad read.

While Destiny promoted the NFTs to his viewership, it appears he may have forgotten, or changed his mind somewhat, on what he said about them just a few days prior.