Instacart shopper claims customer reported them missing while shopping

Kawter Abed
Instacart TikToker

An Instacart shopper claimed a customer called 911 and reported them as a missing person in viral TikTok video.

TikTok user ‘Sunnie,’ who works as an Instacart driver, scored a batch of free groceries after a customer canceled his order.

In a viral video, which has amassed over 3.5 million views, Sunnie revealed that since the store was closed and they could not return the items, they were allowed to keep the groceries.

However, in a recent video with almost 2 million views, Sunnie revealed that the customer had canceled the order because he thought the Instacart shopper had been kidnapped. According to Sunnie, he even called 911 to report them as as a missing person.

In another video, the TikToker detailed what exactly happened. They explained that they were assigned two orders, the first being an order in the mountains and the second being the order they would eventually get for free.

When delivering in the mountains, Sunnie says they had no phone service, so they didn’t receive any messages that the customer sent.

But once they arrived in an area with service, Sunnie discovered that the customer was messaging them non-stop, informing them that he was going to call 911. The Instacart shopper messaged him back to assure him that they were fine, but they didn’t hear back from the customer, who would then cancel his order.

Instead, Sunnie says they received eight messages and a missed call from Instacart. “I’m temp banned from Instacart because this caused such a commotion,” they claim.

TikTok react to Instacart shopper’s viral video

Many TikTok users praised the customer for caring about the shopper’s safety, although Sunnie doesn’t think that’s the case.

“Stop, protect this man at all costs because he really went out of his way and he had every intuition that you were not safe,” one user commented.

“That was sweet. A little much, but he might have trauma and it’s nice that he cared,” another user wrote.

In response, Sunnie posted a video disagreeing with the comment, and speculating that the customer was “probably in a drug-induced paranoia,” as drugs are common where they live.

Other users thought the customer had canceled his order to get free groceries.

“I guess they thought they’d just get them for free?? Lol people be doing the most,” one user wrote.

“Ohh, they probably ordered it thinking they’ll cancel and still get groceries for free and called 911 bc they’re mad it didn’t work,” someone else added.

Last month, another TikToker went viral on the social media app after receiving plenty of random free food from a DoorDash orderer.

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