TikToker goes viral after randomly receiving dozens of free DoorDash orders

. 22 days ago
Man goes viral on TikTok for receiving free doordash from mystery customer
TikTok: HighDesertFamilyTreasures

One lucky TikToker has gone viral for recording the dozens of free DoorDash orders he received over a four-day period from someone named ‘Alejandro.’

Meal delivery services like DoorDash and GrubHub have become a staple for many folks over the past few years.

Although it’s certainly convenient to have a hot meal delivered straight to your door, these apps quickly rack up costs in delivery fees and other miscellaneous charges (sometimes nearly doubling the initial price of the order).

As such, TikToker ‘HighDesertFamilyTreasures’ was left shell-shocked after he kept receiving someone’s opulent DoorDash orders… for four entire days.

Man goes viral on TikTok for random doordash orders showing up at his house
Unsplash.com: Marques Thomas
DoorDash is a popular meal delivery service.

This saga began on June 6, when he uploaded his first-ever video to TikTok, explaining that he and his family — his girlfriend and their two babies — received free DoorDash deliveries “every two hours” from someone named Alejandro.

At first, the TikToker received a random free breakfast of steak and eggs… but when he returned from the gym that same day, he found yet another order on his doorstep.

“Is somebody f**kin’ trolling me right now?” he asked incredulously — and it wouldn’t be the last time he’d pose the question.

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After that, he and his family continued to receive free food for four entire days. The orders consisted of everything from baked mussels to a box of donuts, a Red Robin burger, loaded potatoes, chicken alfredo, and more.

“I literally can’t keep eating all of this food,” he admitted. “I’m throwing half of it away. There’s so much food!”

After four days of these mysterious deliveries, the DoorDash orders finally stopped without an explanation.

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In comments on his TikToks, ‘HighDesertFamilyTreasures’ claims he called up the Donut Shop from his first video to try and ascertain the orderer’s full name — but due to security reasons, this couldn’t be allowed.

He also hit back at some users who thought the entire thing was a publicity stunt: “I am very poor,” he said in the comments. “It’s me, the girlfriend, and two babies in a studio apartment.”

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For now, it looks like we’ll never know the outcome of this random food fiasco… but it’s earned the lucky TikToker millions of views and an incredible story.

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