Indian legislation to possibly ban TikTok app amid T-Series takeover

Virginia Glaze
WRCBTV / T-Series

While Bollywood label T-Series has been deep in a heated battle for dominance on YouTube with PewDiePie, South Indian lawmakers are now turning their sights to TikTok with surprising legislation.

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Thamimun Ansari, a local legislator for South Indian state Tamil Nadu, argues that TikTok  contains sensitive material and promotes discussions that could end up disturbing the peace.

“…the mobile application (TikTok) was acting as a platform for heated debates inimical to law and order, and sharing of sexually-explicit material,” Ansari said during a state Assembly. “The minister supported my charge and promised to take steps to ban the application in Tamil Nadu.”

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South China Morning Post
According to the Times, TikTok boasted over 24.5 million daily users, as of January 31, 2019.

TikTok is taking steps to ensure the availability of the app in the South Indian region, hiring a “chief nodal officer” as a go-between with Tamil Nadu’s authorities.

“At TikTok, maintaining a safe and positive in-app environment is our priority,” the company said of the issue. “…We are committed to respecting local laws and regulations.”

Oochappan, Flikr
Tamil Nadu lawmakers are considering a ban against massively popular video application TikTok.[ad name=”article3″]

This proposed ban on TikTok comes in the wake of Bollywood label T-Series’ sudden takeover of YouTube, most notable for nearly surpassing YouTube star Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg on a number of occasions.

Many users noted a massive disparity between T-Series’ sub count and individual video views, arguing that the label was using “sub-bots” to boost their numbers.

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However, another theory suggested that Indian users may be automatically subscribed to T-Series upon creating a YouTube account – which, considering the density of India’s population, could account for its steady increase in subs as the months go by.

T-Series has since acquired a massive partnership with music streaming service Spotify, placing its entire catalog of songs and soundtracks on the platform.