Ice Poseidon under fire for guests’ offensive comments in Hiroshima IRL stream

Ice Poseidon

YouTuber Ice Poseidon is under fire after a clip of guests Slightly Homeless and Vexxed making offensive comments during an IRL stream in Hiroshima surfaced on Reddit. While Ice was not in the clip himself, it happened on his channel.

Since getting banned on Twitch in 2017 over a public swatting incident, Ice Poseidon hasn’t been the most active on his channels.

That is until 2022, when he announced his return to streaming and fought fellow YouTuber Brandon Buckingham on Misfits’ October boxing card.

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However his 2023 started with controversy after a clip from his channel, featuring YouTubers Slightly Homeless and Vexxed, went viral on Reddit. The duo, without Ice Poseidon on stream, made offensive comments during an IRL stream in Japan.

Ice Poseidon, Slightly Homeless, and Vexxed under fire for offensive comments

Hiroshima, a popular tourist spot in Japan, was largely destroyed by a nuclear bomb during World War 2.

While Vexxed and Slightly Homeless were IRL streaming on YouTube from the city, the former turned to Slightly and asked: “You want some radioactive p*ssy?”

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They didn’t directly reply but mentioned how people looked at him when he dropped his bag inside the store they were recently in. “They looked at me like I dropped an atomic bomb,” he said.

It quickly made its way to the ‘imatotalpieceofsh*t’ subreddit, where people shared their reactions to the now-viral clip.

“It’s wild that they A. Have no shame in voicing those views publicly. B. Chose to visit that country. And C. Chose to record and post that sort of foolishness,” one user commented.

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Another user said: “The fact that he’s acting like a real-life Beavis tells you all you need to know. The only person that thinks he’s remotely funny is him.”

Neither Ice, Slightly Homeless, nor Vexxed has addressed the comments as of writing, but we’ll be sure to update you if they do.

Correction (January 5, 2023): This article originally stated Ice Poseidon made the offensive comments. Ice was not present on the stream, but the broadcast was on his channel. This has since been corrected. We apologize for the error.

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