Ibai banned from Twitch for fourth time after another stream slip-up

Ibai banned on TwitchTwitch: Ibai

Spanish Twitch star Ibai has been suspended from Twitch for the fourth time. The ban appears to have been caused by accidentally showing nudity on stream.

Ibai has grown massively in 2021, now fast approaching 6 million followers, as one of the leading non-english speaking broadcasters.

He has even interacted with world-famous footballers, including Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero and Andres Iniesta on his stream this year.

But, on September 28, his channel was suspended. Although Ibai is yet to address the ban, it is suspected it is due to accidentally showing sexual imagery on his stream while browsing Twitter.

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This is Ibai’s fourth ban in the past two years, with his longest lasting 3 days. Repeat bans will often cause increasingly lengthy suspensions, but Twitch says context is always considered in each case.

His previous ban, on June 16, was also caused by a nudity slip up, after a guest on a stream revealed themselves.

banned on twitchTwitch
Ibai’s channel is now not available on Twitch.

The length of Ibai’s latest ban has not been confirmed, but Twitch issues suspensions typically lasting from 24 hours to one week for similar infringements.

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We will update this article as more information is confirmed about the circumstances of the ban.

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