Ibai banned on Twitch for third time after showing nudity

Twitch: Ibai

Popular Spanish streamer Ibai has been banned on Twitch for the third time after he accidentally showed nudity during a broadcast. His ban has been lifted less than 24 hours later.

On June 15, Ibai’s Twitch channel vanished from the Amazon-owned platform, and fans were immediately asking why.

Luckily, they didn’t have long to wait for answers, as Ibai himself informed them that some weekend shenanigans landed him in hot water. Taking to Twitter, Ibai let fans know that someone on his stream accidentally showed their bare behind.

Despite the streamer crying “no” in the video (below), they still turned around — and there was simply nothing he could do about it.

While Ibai didn’t give any context to the video in his statement, fans have spread the clip with the hashtag #FreeIbai on Twitter to try and get Twitch to unban the star quickly.

“People have the power to ban you on Twitch,” he said. “Be careful who you invite to your channels.”

Ibai himself has been banned before for content somewhat out of his control, after a viewer joined his Geoguessr game with an explicit photo as their profile picture.

“This is the jungle. Take care,” Ibai said.

Update: On June 16, Ibai’s channel was unbanned, with the suspension lifted. This means his ban lasted less than 24 hours, but whether or not Twitch has removed the strike from his account is unkown.

Ibai banned on TwitchInstagram: ibaillanos
Ibai is currently suspended from streaming on Twitch.

Ibai is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch and the second-most popular Spanish-speaking one behind ElRubius.

According to the third-party stat-tracking site Twitch Metrics, the streaming star boasts over six million followers on Twitch alone, and another four million across Instagram and Twitter.