How to turn your TikTok into a Renaissance painting

Published: 1/Jan/2021 16:08

by Alice Hearing


This past year has seen some extraordinary trends pop up on TikTok, with the app’s filters being used in increasingly bizarre and creative ways. As 2020 transitions into 2021, some users are turning themselves into Renaissance paintings.

The tag #rennaisance has been viewed more than 365 million times with the most popular videos showing creators transforming themselves into works of art that look like they belong in a museum.


Some have embraced the Renaissance aesthetic, going for a dreamy makeup look, bardot tops, silk shirts, and gorgeous dresses, while others have thought outside of the box, involving their pets or impressive items of furniture.

But taking part in the trend isn’t as simple as using one filter, a little bit of artwork and editing is involved.


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How to turn yourself into a painting

The very first step is to take a video using the time warp scan filter which blew up in October when people used it to change how their bodies look or create illusions. You then need to take a screenshot of the final image and import it into an image editing app.


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TikTok user Katarina Mogus posted a tutorial where she used PicsArt and Videoleap to make her masterpiece. Katarina uploaded an image of a renaissance background and edited herself into the foreground, before adding filters to make it look vintage and grainy.


She then put the image into the app Videoleap where she edited the clip to slowly reveal the edited picture as the time warp scanner descends.

@kaylawayylaSorry if this tutorial is fast. But part 2 will be uploaded very soon! Thanks for the love!👼 ##part1♬ Lacrimosa – Vienna Mozart Orchestra


User kaylawayyla who first posted a renaissance image back in November also posted a tutorial where she used an AI tool called AI Gahaku which took her screenshot and edited it to make her look like a painting, with the ability to pick from multiple different artistic styles.

She then used the photo editing app procreate pocket to blend the screenshot and AI painting together before also using Videoleap for the final product.

It might take a little extra time, but if you have the patience, and some time to spare at home, you too can look like you stepped out of a Renaissance painting.