How to find TikTok Radio on SiriusXM

TikTok Radio logoTikTok/Sirius

A new TikTok Radio channel has been launched by SiriusXM, featuring some of the app’s biggest hits and a few creators. Here’s what you need to know. 

TikTok started out life as a platform for creators to show off their musical and dance skills, but it has become so much than that over the last year.

While the video-sharing platform now closely resembles Vine – with a huge array of content on offer – music is still at the heart of things. Undiscovered artists have blown up with their track being used, while classic songs have gotten plenty of love as well.

TikTok fans across the globe may have curated Spotify playlists with their favorite TikTok tracks, but some of the app’s favorite musicians are stepping into the radio space.

Trends and songs have played a huge role in TikTok’s success.

What channel is TikTok Radio on SiriusXM?

That’s right, American radio syndicate SiriusXM has launched their own TikTok Radio channel featuring a handful of DJ that will be familiar to long-time TikTok users.

The radio station will play “the sounds and songs that redefine pop culture” and highlight whatever tracks that the TikTok community is vibing to.

If you want to get involved, however, you need to be in the United States and have a SiriusXM subscription. If you meet those requirements, you can tune into Sirius channel 4 and find TikTok Radio.

  1. Open SiriusXM app/website
  2. Head to channel 4 or search TikTok Radio
  3. Sit back and enjoy the sounds of TikTok radio!

As noted, the station will play the songs that TikTok users are loving – no matter if it’s a TikToker behind the mic or a classic track from a band or solo artist.

We could see some bigger TikTok stars get involved, especially seeing how many of them have ventured into creating music. Regardless, it’s another massive moment for TikTok’s success.