Hololive EN stars finally debut 3D models, and it was total chaos

Andrew Amos
Gawr Gura, Takanashi Kiara, and Amelia Watson in 3d modelYouTube: Takanashi Kiara

Hololive EN stars Takanashi Kiara, Amelia Watson, and Gawr Gura have debuted a first-look at their 3D models in a chaotic dancing stream that featured eggs, middle fingers, and a lot of laughs.

After more than two years, Hololive EN now have their 3D models ⁠— kind of.

While other VTubers have taken over the internet with full VR rigs, the Hololive cast have been stuck with Live2D models since the dawn of time. Some of the Japanese talents have performed with 3D models at concerts, but none of the English ones.

That’s changed though, with three of the original quintet ⁠— Takanashi Kiara, Amelia Watson, and Gawr Gura ⁠— finally showing off their more fleshy forms. The models were designed by Priichu, all being hosted in VR.

It’s still a very early iteration of what’s to come for the EN gang, but the debut has lived up to its chaotic promise. The three stars hopped on the stage, with Kiara giving Amelia and Gura some dancing lessons.

Gura first came onto stage dressed up as an egg before Kiara hatched it open to reveal the beloved shark. While Kiara was trying her best to teach the duo great dance moves though, Amelia and Gura were discovering the infinite potential of their 3D models by flipping each other off.

There were a few malfunctions and one water bottle knocked over in all the fun, but the two-hour stream was a hit with fans.

“I’m excited to show you guys my real dance skills with proper tracking soon,” Kiara said. “And I will also try to improve the tracking with VR for next time!

It’s not the first time Hololive EN have appeared in 3D form, but it’s the closest to their actual avatars yet. Each of the members have cute chibi models for VRChat which they have dusted off from time to time, but this model is building towards a proper to-size 3D form.

This is only the first rendition of it too, with the full 3D debut expected to happen at SUPER EXPO 2022 later in March. It’ll be a full-scale setup too ⁠— not just basic VR models.