Hololive star Takanashi Kiara jabs at viewers demanding VTuber “stops talking”

Andrew Amos
Hololive VTuber Takanashi Kiara with open mouth

Hololive star Takanashi Kiara has had enough with viewers telling her how to conduct her stream. After one viewer demanded the VTuber “stop talking” during a cutscene, she dished some pain back with a simple message: don’t like it? Find another streamer.

Every streamer has a different way of doing things. Some just play a game and don’t talk, while others constantly engage viewers in various ways. Hololive star Takanashi Kiara definitely falls into the latter, constantly asking questions of her chat and keeping the conversation flowing.

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but she has built a loyal following with her bubbly personality. And if you try to stand in her way, know you will cop a mouthful like one viewer did in a recent GTA V stream.

Kiara had briefly paused the gameplay to talk about how sore her shoulders were that day ⁠— just general chatter. However, one viewer telling the VTuber to just “stop talking” sent her on an even bigger tangent about those in her chat who try to police her.

“Oh, what do you want? I think you need to reflect on what you said, that’s disrespectful. This is Takanashi Kiwawa [sic] channel. You know what we do here? We tangent, and my viewers appreciate that,” she said.

While semi-joking and playing it up, there was a definite line being drawn by Kiara. She doesn’t want people coming into her chat and telling her what she can and can’t do. It’s her stream, and her rules.

Viewers don’t just want to watch gameplay ⁠— they want to hear the phoenix’s stories. Don’t like that? Find another streamer.

“I don’t wanna be the streamer who plays games and says not a single f**king word besides anything that’s game related,” she continued. “I think that’s boring and if that’s not your kind of stream, you’re wrong here. I was talking and sharing my pain! Here at KFP, we share our f**king pain and I’m telling you I had such bad shoulder pain last night!

“That’s all I wanted to say really ⁠— two seconds of dialogue and you can’t even wait for those two seconds? You won’t even let me talk for two seconds? If you don’t want to hear two seconds of personal, private dialogue then you should watch one of those muted playthroughs or play the game for yourself.”

The chat did throw a few jabs back, most jokingly but some serious. Kiara had some fun with it though, really irking those there for the ‘gameplay’.

“I see you guys saying ‘do you really need to talk’ ⁠— it’s interesting to see which ones are the ones who say that sh*t, have complaints.

“‘Stop pausing’ ⁠— does that trigger you when I pause the game? ‘You talk too much Kiwawa’ ⁠— oh really, does that trigger you too? Then why the f**k are you here? Does that hurt you?”

At the end of the day, there’s a lesson here. Kiara wants to stream her own way, and her community is supportive of that. Anyone who isn’t can find someone else more their style to watch, because the phoenix isn’t changing.

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