Heelmike banned on Twitch after wardrobe malfunction at party

David Purcell

Twitch streamer Heelmike has been slapped with a channel ban, after seemingly breaking the rules on the platform.

Typical Twitch bans can occur for up to an hour, or across a few days, depending on the violation of community guidelines or terms of service.

The ban was first reported on August 31, by StreamingLogs on their Twitter account. It regularly posts a number of milestones and bans per day, for Twitch partner streamers.

The streamer, who has over seven million followers on the Amazon-owned platform, has seen his channel suspended, meaning it can only be accessed by a time machine.

Why has Heelmike been banned on Twitch?

Upon vising Heelmike’s channel, it displays the current warning for viewers: “This channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.”

In a tweet, the content creator said a “nip slip during party stream” was the reason Twitch had to make a decision.

How long will Heelmike be banned for?

The streamer has now mentioned the ban publicly, and he says it is only a one-day suspension.

On Twitter, he said: “One day Twitch ban. I’ll be back Thursday.”

That’s it for now on this ban – Heelmike is expected to go live again on September 1, 2022.