Harry Jowsey has fans guessing which A-list celebrity he admitted to sleeping with

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harry jowsey on the 'kyle & jacki o' podcastInstagram: teatotalk

Harry Jowsey wasn’t ‘Too Hot to Handle’ for one A-list celebrity that he’s admitted to sleeping with, leaving fans to guess who the woman may be.

Harry Jowsey’s claim to fame was his role on Season 1 of ‘Too Hot to Handle.’ He formed a relationship with contender Francesca Farago, but the two later broke up after the show.

After breaking things off with Farago, Jowsey began dating ‘THTH’ contestant Georgia Hassarati. The two dated after Hassarati’s time on Season 2. However, they too, broke up in November of 2022.

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Being a single lad for about a year, Jowsey has sparked relationship rumors with various influencers, but his latest rendezvous with an A-list celebrity has fans wondering who he’s talking about.

Harry Jowsey said he met an older woman who he regards as an A-list celebrity at a hotel for a night together.Instagram: moreharryjowsey
Harry Jowsey revealed details of his hotel hookup with an A-list celebrity.

Harry Jowsey reveals that his hotel hookup was with an older A-list celebrity 

Harry Jowsey was on a recent podcast with ‘Kyle & Jackie O’ where he revealed that he hooked up with an A-list celebrity. He began talking about his night with the woman saying, “I don’t want to say because she will probably call me and get very angry.”

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This came after he smashed the rumor of it being Miley Cyrus who he had slept with. With a little laughter, Jowsey continued to reveal as many details as he could, saying that the woman was “in movies.”

As ‘Kyle & Jackie O’ asked Jowsey, “How did you connect with this girl?” Jowsey blushingly answered, “She maybe split it off with her long-term boyfriend or fiancée. I don’t know which one it was.”

Jowsey continued, “But, like, she messaged me. And she thought I was a TikToker.” Jowsey then poked fun at himself with the lady of the night, asking her “You’re really going to sleep with a TikToker?

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Jowsey then explained that the mystery woman messaged him again, leading to him meeting her at a hotel. The woman then allegedly told him that she “only wanted one thing” and that “it wasn’t going to go anywhere.”

Jowsey also detailed that the woman was “older” and that the happenstance was years ago. Though it may not have been recent, Jowsey’s fans are still left to wonder who the lady is, taking to social media to share their thoughts.

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Many people have guessed that it’s Vanessa Hudgens. However, others have said that Hudgens is too good for Jowsey, with one fan saying, “Even if Vanessa was single, there’s no way she’d sleep with Harry.”

Another fan thought it could be Megan Fox, saying, “When he said she split it off with a longtime boyfriend or fiancé, it made me think of Megan Fox — but there’s no way, right?”

One fan even proposed that it was Pamela Anderson, saying, “It’s Pamela Anderson, I guarantee you. Tana Mongeau said that she was sliding in his DMs.”

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Other guesses included Olivia Wilde, Ariana Grande, or Emily Ratajkowski. Though Jowsey didn’t give much information, it’s clear that he’s still on the market enjoying his single life after being tied down for a couple of years with various girlfriends.

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