GoT’s The Mountain shocked after Twitch chat saves his cat on stream

The Mountain thanks Twitch chat for saving his catthorbjornsson, Instagram /

While Game of Thrones may be over, the show’s famous antagonist, ‘The Mountain,’ continues to enjoy a healthy streaming career — and it’s thanks to his viewers that his cat was saved from an untimely demise.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, better known by his Game of Thrones moniker ‘The Mountain,’ boasts a wide variety of talents, including being a legendary Icelanding strongman with the title of World’s Strongest Man.

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However, he’s also picked up a successful streaming career following his Game of Thrones accomplishments, where he’s garnered an impressive 157k followers on the ever-popular broadcasting platform.

While live streams are a haven for all sorts of unexpected debacles in real-time, a bit of collaboration between Hafthor and his Twitch chat produced an unforgettable moment — and ended up rescuing his feline friend, in the process.

During a July 5 stream, Hafthor was showing off the contents of his closet to his fans when his pet cat (adorably named Loki) shot inside the doorway and underneath a shelf, out of sight and, apparently, also out of mind.

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Closing the door behind him, Hafthor thought nothing of the matter — until his Twitch chat started alerting him that his cat had been effectively trapped inside the closet.

“CAT CAT CAT CAT” one viewer spammed.

“Cat in right closet,” another warned.

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“Oh my god!” Hafthor’s wife, Kelsey Henson, exclaimed after the strongman opened up the door upon fans’ requests, allowing Loki to finally make his escape.

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“F**k!” he shouted, putting his hands on his head in total shock. “I f**king locked him in the closet! Thank you, chat!”

“It’s a good thing somebody’s reading the chat!” she continued.

“The chat f**king saved the cat!” Hafthor interjected. “You f**king saved the cat, guys.”

This is far from the first time Twitch viewers have helped pet owners save their furry friends from similar situations; in early March, fans rushed to help save the pet of two IRL streamers, which had gotten trapped inside their fridge as they prepared a meal.

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Although it’s no surprise that cats manage to get themselves into a flurry of sticky scenarios, it’s a good thing Twitch chat is always nearby to save the day (and it makes for a feel-good moment, too).

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