German broadcaster responds to backlash after featuring DreamHack CSGO in Halle shooting report

Connor Bennett

German news outlet ZDF have released a statement after their video report of the recent Halle shooting included an image of a DreamHack Counter-Strike stream, causing uproar in the CS:GO community

Many news outlets reported that the attack had been broadcast on Twitch, but didn’t show the stream itself.

However, on October 11, ZDF tweeted a short video report of the incident, and when reporting that the attack had been broadcast on Twitch, they used an image of the Dreamhack CS:GO channel, which showed a rerun from a match between G2 Esports and Renegades.

The video report, which was viewed 15,000 times, was deleted by ZDF, but it has been shared on Twitter and Reddit, sparking outrage amongst CS:GO fans and personalities.

G2 leader Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodriguez said: “How can somebody be so mean spirited?”

Esports host Paul ‘Redeye’ Chaloner condemned the screenshot, saying that it was “disgusting,” in response to Ocelote’s post.

However, ZDF have now released a statement on Twitter. It reads [via Google translate]: “In a report about the terror attack in Halle we have pictures of the assassin mounted on the Twitch channel of DreamHack.

“We are concerned that this gives the impression that the live stream of the attack in Halle was there. This was not the case. That’s why we deleted the video.”

However, Ocelote wasn’t happy with ZDF’s response. “This is not good enough,” he tweeted. “Fu**ing unacceptable.” Meanwhile, many other German commenters questioned how it happened in the first place.

Dexerto also contacted DreamHack for a comment on the images and any possible follow-up with the German broadcasters about the incident.

“Upon seeing the video ZDF made we were deeply disturbed and immediately contacted them to request its removal or that it would be edited,” DreamHack told Dexerto. “We are relieved to see that the video has since been removed. In the interest of not putting further attention and publicity towards the live streaming of a shooting, we have no further comment.”

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