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FunnyMike goes viral with real-life Nuketown music video

Published: 2/Mar/2020 13:29 Updated: 4/May/2020 14:17

by Jacob Hale


YouTuber FunnyMike has made a song called Nuketown – and filmed the music video in a real-life recreation of the iconic Call of Duty map.

FunnyMike, real name MacArthur Johnson, isn’t traditionally a musical artist, doing a variety of pranks, challenges, and vlogs that you would expect from a modern YouTuber. However, he has dabbled in music in the past (including becoming ’22 Savage’), and the release of his NukeTown music video quickly went viral after it released at the end of February.

Mike isn’t typically known for doing gaming content, but some games – Call of Duty in particular – has become somewhat of a staple of the next generation of rap, with many artists sampling or talking about the game on various tracks.


Instagram: funnymike
FunnyMike has accrued over 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

The real-life Nuketown appears to be at a paintballing center judging by the paint splatters around the map and the guns everyone in the video are holding up – not to mention the frequent references to paintball throughout.

The song and video seems to be somewhat of a play on rap music that may have a particular focus on gun and gang violence, but with a more playful and satirical twist. Lyrics such as “If I shoot you with this paintball, what you going to do?” show inspiration from the stereotypical rap music we would hear today but with a more humorous twist to it.


FunnyMike has clearly found a good niche here, with a song and video that resonates with his demographic, is a catchy song, but also keeping his lighthearted style in there means it can be more easily enjoyed by his fanbase.

Filming the video in a real-life Nuketown was no doubt a win for Mike, as people not only want to tune in and see how it looks, but also makes the song more immersive and likely to pick up more fanfare – as evidenced by it popping off on YouTube’s Trending charts.

Just the day before the music video released, Mike tweeted that he had filmed some vlogs with Platinum recording artist Lil Yachty, which could be a hint at more music to come in the future.


Yachty has been a very outspoken fan of Call of Duty, even joining as an honorary member of FaZe Clan, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Mike and Yachty playing CoD or making music together in the future.