Rapper Danny Brown hijacks Rockstar's GTA stream with rude jokes

by Bill Cooney


American rappers Danny Brown and JPEGMAFIA sat down with Rockstar Games on Twitch to play through Grand Theft Auto Online’s new Diamond Casino Heist, and things didn’t go as anyone had planned.

GTA Online’s last major content update of 2019, the Diamond Casino Heist was introduced to players on December 5, 2019.

Brown is a known GTA Online player and fan, so having him and JPEG come to stream the newest Heist seemed like a win-win for Rockstar, until things eventually went off the rails.


The pair's attempts at the heist repeatedly turned into a bloody mess, but their strategy was the last thing any of the viewers in chat were talking about once one of them started getting wild.

Brown made some very non-PC jokes, startling the Rockstar staff on hand and even JPEGMAFIA, who seemed taken back by his comments at a few points.

He reminded them that it was their choice to bring him on, and they should have known what they were getting into with him on the stream.


Although he definitely seemed to be more comfortable and experienced in GTA Online than JPEGMAFIA, Brown wasn't able to lead his team to the end of the new heist.

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Danny and JPEG ran out of lives and didn't manage to finish before their streaming time ran out, but things were definitely headed into dangerous territory for an official Rockstar stream.


Viewers in chat definitely thought things were cut short, and both performers seemed ready to continue trying, but whether or not Rockstar actually cut the stream short is impossible to prove or disprove.

Even though it was certainly an entertaining stream, it's unknown whether or not the devs will invite Brown back for another anytime soon.