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Fortnite pro Symfuhny goes undercover to hit back at toxic tweets

Published: 5/Feb/2020 23:43

by Alan Bernal


Fortnite pro Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier went undercover to get back at Twitter trolls who made rude comments about his height and diet, among other things.

Sypfuhny’s team, NRG, set up an alternative Twitter profile for the gamer, which he used to respond to the mean messages aimed at both himself and his streamer girlfriend Brooke ‘BrookeAB’.


As someone who has been playing and streaming Fortnite for a long time, Symfuhny understands the kind of banter that gets shared on social media, and is all too aware that some of it comes at his expense.

Twitter/Dare Rising
The Fortnite pro got back at some of the trolls that heckle him on Twitter.

However, the 20-year-old talent can also meme with the best of them, so NRG encouraged him to let loose on his rowdy critics by going covert with a ‘Symfuhny fan’ account.


One of his first retorts came after someone called out a “disgusting” video of him eating a bag of chopped onions. Having no real problem with it, he simply suggested the fan should try it out, jokingly calling the diet nothing less than “life-changing.”

The comments on his diet continued, though, with the next interaction criticizing him for eating pizza without sauce. A baffled fan hilariously wrote, “What kind of possessed demon s**t did I just read?”

Admittedly, Symfuhny was also against the idea when first introduced to it by BrookeAB, but was quickly converted after trying it a few times.


Instead of hitting back at the Twitter user, the Fortnite pro opted to convert the fan by suggesting they try a sauceless pie to get on the same level.

Despite his relatively upbeat replies, the tone quickly shifted when a Twitter user reaffirmed that Symf was a “beta” – something that he made sure wasn’t going to go unchecked.

Under the cover of his burner account, he jokingly responded, “Symfuhny is the most alpha man in existence. You wouldn’t say that to him in real life.”


The streamer took the punches pretty well until a Photoshopped picture of him standing at chest-height to BrookeAB left him dumbfounded.

“I am not that short,” he exclaimed before comparing his height with a production member. “I cannot believe this. You go on Google and type in ‘Symfuhny’s height,’ one will be like 5’2”, 5’3”, 5’4”, 4’11”, 4’9”, they got the whole meter stick.”

NRG YouTube
Symf tried to reassure himself by comparing height, but it kind of backfired.

He took the joke on the chin, since it was a fairly funny image alteration – and it was just one of the many jokes targeting his height.

The entire video is hilarious, and shows that Symfuhny can take a joke pretty well, though some comments warranted a reply in his defense.


K/DA confirms collab with K-pop group TWICE on ‘ALL OUT’ EP

Published: 16/Oct/2020 15:28

by Daniel Cleary


League of Legends pop group K/DA has finally revealed the official roster of artists for their upcoming “ALL OUT” EP and it features massive stars such as TWICE, Madison Beer, (G)-I-DLE, and more.

Following the global success of their debut track “POP/STARS” in 2018, the League of Legends group is now returning with a full EP, after announcing the project alongside the release of their latest hit, “THE BADDEST.”


Since Riot announced the return of the League of Legends pop group, K/DA fans have been patiently waiting to see just who will appear on their upcoming tracks, and, on October 16, they have finally released the official roster and tracklist.

kaisa all out look in league of legends
Riot Games
K/DA is making their return with a new look and plenty of features for their upcoming “ALL OUT” EP.

The pop group was initially based around four League of Legends characters, Akali, Ahri, Evelynn, and Kai’Sa. But, Riot revealed they would be featuring even more members, as seen with the new character, Seraphine, and shared plans to add more artists into the mix.


Their latest roster announcement came as a welcome surprise to many K/DA fans as it was revealed that the original cast of Madison Beer, Jaira Burns, and (G)-I-DLE’s SOYEON and MIYEON would all be included.

However, there were plenty of new collaborations and one of the most exciting ones listed included a track with the incredibly popular Korean girl group TWICE, who will be featured on the upcoming track “I’LL SHOW YOU.”

With TWICE consisting of nine members in total, it is quite likely that they will play a massive role in the upcoming release, alongside fellow artists Bekuk BOOM and Annika Wells.


However, while all of the upcoming songs for the “ALL OUT” EP have now been confirmed, it is still unclear when exactly it will be released, with many expecting it to drop after LoL Worlds 2020 concludes.

You can find the full K/DA ALL OUT tracklist and featured artists below.

K/DA’s “ALL OUT” EP Tracklist

  • THE BADDEST –  Bea Miller, Wolftyla, (G)-I-DLE
  • MORE – Madison Beer, (G)-I-DLE, Lexie Liu, Jaira Burns, Seraphine
  • VILLAIN – Madison Beer, Kim Petras
  • DRUM GO DUM – Aluna, Wolftyla, Bekuh BOOM
  • I’LL SHOW YOU – TWICE, Bekuh BOOM, Annika Wells