Former CSGO pro shaves his eyebrows for $25,000 in absurd Twitch deal

Just9n shaving his

Former CS:GO pro player Justin ‘Just9n’ Ortiz was convinced to shave his eyebrows by his Twitch subscribers, but things got a little out of hand before the night was all said and done. 

It’s not every day you get offered $25,000 in exchange for shaving your eyebrows but that’s exactly what happened to Just9n while he was playing some games on stream on September 14.

During a stream where he was matching all gifted subs to his channel, a deal was struck that would see Just9n shaving his head after reaching 5k subs on the night. His community blew past that goal in no time, but they weren’t done yet.

The top donator of the night, Twitch user DerangedNative, decided to up the ante and put $25,000 on the line for Just9n to shave his eyebrows.

Just9n shaves his head and eyebrows

While he seemed to have no problem with the original proposal of shaving his head, things got a little more intense when the bet was raised for his eyebrows.

Before moving forward Just9n stopped several times to consult with other people, specifically talking to his old teammate Shroud before calling his mom and waking her up.

“If you were me, would you shave your eyebrows for $25,000?” he asked his mom. She wasn’t a fan of the idea but that didn’t stop him from moving forward anyway.

Shroud was a little more encouraging. “Do it for subs, not for PayPal,” he said. This is because gifted subs are harder to refund or charge back than a regular donation, and it’s best to secure the money before taking such a drastic action.

Just9n shaves his eyebrows for $25,000

Ultimately, it took a little more pondering about whether or not the eyebrows would grow back before he decided to rip off the metaphorical band-aid and turn the electric shaver back on.

“Let’s do it before I change my mind,” Just9n said. He waited for a minute for the donation to come through, but when it did Just9n stayed true to his word and picked the shaver back up.

“It’s actually not that bad,” he said in a final review. “There’s a little bit of hair left because I can’t get it any shorter than this.”

Let’s hope that for all of his trouble that the eyebrows do grow back and he’s not left regretting the decision for longer than he holds on to the $25,000.