Twitch streamer shows how NOT to repair a Nintendo Switch after disastrous attempt

Dylan Horetski
Nintendo switch failed repair
Twitch, Beatemups

Twitch streamer Wood ‘Beatemups’ Hawker was forced to turn to the knowledge of his chat to repair his Nintendo Switch. However, things didn’t go quite as planned. Nintendo fans, this is your chance to look away.

Relying on the knowledge of your followers to help repair a device you care about can be an easy solution for an otherwise complicated problem.

During Hawker’s September 14 live stream appropriately titled “PLEASE FIX MY NINTENDO SWITCH,” the streamer pulled all of his viewers together in an attempt to figure out how to repair his broken device.

Unfortunately for Hawker and his over 122 thousand Twitch followers, his repair attempt ended in disaster.

Twitch streamer’s disastrous Switch repair

After hanging out with chat and getting the device disassembled down to the battery, Hawker inquired about different ways he could remove it from the case.

While being told multiple different ways to do so, he first settled on trying to use a credit card to help remove the adhesive from the underside of the battery. Attempting the removal just bent the edge of the rewards card he used, so he got frustrated and started pulling out different tools he had at his disposal.

Trying a plastic pry tool led to it breaking inside the console, frustrating the creator more. The broken tool left Hawker with limited options, so he attempted to remove the battery with a pair of metal tweezers, despite his chat warning him about the risk of puncturing the battery.

Despite the warnings, he punctured the battery and immediately dropped the device and his head in aggravation and apparent shame.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen a creator puncture a battery on stream, but we can only hope that this is the last time someone puts themselves in this level of danger on stream. Puncturing a battery will cause it to swell up, become extremely hot and potentially explode.

In cases like this, it’s probably better to just ask someone with experience to repair it for you. Here’s hoping that the streamer can get his Switch working again soon.