Former Chipotle worker reveals you’re being ‘skimped’: “They’re doing it on purpose”

Meera Jacka
Former Chipotle worker reveals you’re being ‘skimped’TikTok: jennyg6612

A former Chipotle worker has slammed the popular fast food chain, claiming they encourage workers to “skimp” customers on purpose.

Chipotle has recently found itself in hot water after a series of accusations claiming the fast food chain is ripping customers off with stingy portions.

Just recently, a woman took to TikTok after she received a “mirco burrito”, with commenters mistaking the tiny Mexican wrap as a potato.

Now, a former Chipotle employee has dished the tea, claiming higher-ups would encourage workers to “skimp” customers as much as possible.

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Jennifer, who goes by ‘jennyg6612’ on TikTok, took to the social media platform to reveal some of the behind-the-scenes secrets from her time as an employee.

“If you feel like they’re skimping you, it’s because they are and they’re doing it on purpose,” she said. “I used to work there for two years and the managers literally tell you to skimp people and to give them as little as possible.”

According to Jennifer, it is common for workers to put a “small amount of stuff” just to test whether customers will speak out against the amount; “The goal is to make the most profit and have the least amount of loss.”

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Jennifer even claims workers will be “reprimanded” if they are not careful to save the restaurant on costs. And made-to-go orders are in particular the most commonly skimped on as workers can make them without any customer’s watchful eyes.

“Yeah, Chipotle is in its flop era. I went this week and got half a bowl for the same price as a full one. Used to have leftovers,” one commenter wrote. A second shared a similar sentiment, “Jokes on them. I’ve stopped going altogether.”

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