Football YouTuber snaps arm during Newcastle vs Arsenal watch party

Shay Robson

YouTuber Tom Garratt snapped his arm while arm wrestling with Theo Baker during a watch-along of the Newcastle vs Arsenal game.

The Pitchside podcast, hosted by YouTubers Reev, Theo Baker, and Tom Garratt, is one of the most popular podcasts in the world — and in their own words, it’s filled with outrageous takes, opinions, and player insights.

However, their most recent broadcast took a bit of a different turn, ending in an absolute disaster while hosting a watch party for the Newcastle vs. Arsenal Premier League match.

In a now-deleted May 7 live stream, just a couple of minutes before the match kicked off, co-hosts Theo and Tom decided to have an arm wrestling match.

Nevertheless, it ended in disaster, as Theo snapped Tom’s arm back in the wrong way — where an audible snap could be heard. “Oh f**k,” Tom immediately said, with a look of complete shock on his face while looking at his arm.

It’s fair to say the rest of the co-hosts and guests were also horrified, with them heard repeating “oh f**k” as they scrambled to help.

Afterward, guests of the show ChrisMD took to Twitter to assure fans that Tom is okay and is in the hospital awaiting treatment.

“Quite an achievement to make the worst sound ever heard on Pitch Side with Theo’s football opinions,” he joked. “Tom is okay, in A&E now.”

Following an X-ray, Theo posted a tweet revealing that the YouTuber broke his humerus — the upper part of his arm connecting his elbow to shoulder.

“Hi guys, Tom’s had his X-ray and has broken his humerus,” Theo tweeted. “He says anything for the content.”

Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to be too serious of an injury, although it certainly looked a bit painful.