FerociouslySteph reveals she was doxxed amid Twitch council controversy

Twitch: FerociouslySteph

Twitch partner and member of the platform’s new Safety Advisory Council, Steph ‘FerociouslySteph’ Loehr has revealed that she was doxxed online following backlash against her due to some controversial clips that have been circulating.

Loehr found herself in the spotlight after being announced as one of the founding members of Twitch’s new Safety Advisory Council, and clips of her arguing that voice chat is unfair and doing an impression of a deer quickly went viral.

Another clip, in which she bragged about the power Twitch had given her, also received a lot of negative attention, and now Loehr has claimed that someone doxxed and leaked her private information.

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FerociouslySteph streaming on TwitchTwitch: FerociouslySteph
FerociouslySteph is on Twitch’s new Safety Advisory Council.

The streamer has been the target of criticism due to the comments she made on her stream in the days following her joining the council, and has now revealed the lengths to which some who disagree with her have gone to.

“There are a lot of people who are really fighting me, it’s aggressive, attacking, trying to take me down and hurt me,” Steph said on her May 17 livestream. “Most people are somewhere in the middle, they’re maybe upset with one of my opinions.”

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It’s really tough that some people are out there to hurt me, harm me, and take me down. I got doxxed today. Fortunately, I’m safe, they don’t know my address, for now. But they have a whole profile, they found out what high school I went to and what my [former] name is. Really spooky and scary.”

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Twitch has spoken out about the situation surrounding FerociouslySteph, stating “it is unfortunate to see a member of the advisory council targeted for harassment.”

Clips from her stream were shared to massively popular subreddit ‘LivestreamFail’, where they quickly went viral. A handful of the most popular Twitch streamers were very critical of her comments, including Asmongold.

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In response to the backlash, she said “some people should be afraid of me. I represent moderation and diversity. I’m going to come for harmful people. If you’re a really sh***y person, I’m gonna stand up against you. Twitch is endorsing me to do that.”

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This response did little to endear her to her critics, who were fearful that she would now use the “power” Twitch had given her to target specific streamers who had criticized her.