FaZe Clan’s cbass addresses Teeqo drama, claims the org “tried” to make things work

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As FaZe Clan’s “longest tenured employee”, former content creator-turned-staff member Sebastian ‘cbass’ Diamond has addressed drama involving Teeqo, Rain, and others, claiming the organization has “tried” to work things out “over the last few years.”

With FaZe Clan’s value on the stock market continuing to hit new lows, and a wide range of employees being let go all at once, it’s been a tricky period for brand that first came up making Call of Duty montages. However, perhaps the most troubling issues of late have stemmed from longstanding creators under the umbrella now speaking out against the team.

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Just last week Teeqo, an influencer that’s been with FaZe for “12 f***ing years,” lashed out at a lack of support from the company, taking particular issue with “fake promises” from management while newer members enjoyed ownership perks and heftier paychecks.

“Someone else can come in as late as last year, who’s not from this industry, never lifted a finger for FaZe, probably didn’t even know what FaZe was, and get three times the amount of shares that I have, and an annual salary that’s more money than I’ve ever been paid by FaZe,” he said.

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These comments, along with earlier criticism from Rain, led FaZe Clan as a whole to go dark on social media, only just breaking silence on March 21 with an apologetic statement on company socials. Now, cbass has followed up with a more in-depth statement of his own, addressing complaints from Teeqo and Rain both in a 14-minute YouTube video.

Immediately looking to clear the air, cbass claimed accusations of FaZe management not wanting what’s best for its original members “could not be further from the truth.

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“I 100% agree with Teeqo morally and ethically that he should have been compensated more for his historical contributions to FaZe Clan,” he stressed.

“I do think, speaking on behalf of FaZe Clan, we have been able to give Teeqo a successful career. With him, we’ve been able to bring him to America, put a roof over his head, including the one right now. He deserves all of that. But as FaZe succeeds, he should have been awarded and compensated accordingly.”

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However, despite admitting the longstanding FaZe creator hasn’t been treated fairly and paid appropriately over the years, cbass admitted there’s more to the situation than just that.

From his perspective, he’s dealing with an influencer that doesn’t “need to worry about putting a roof over their head,” and doesn’t have to worry about “providing for their family. They’re making they’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year pursuing their passion, and we’re providing them and empowering them to do that,” he continued.

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Yet even with this degree of support from the company, said influencer is still “staring you in the face, and you’re being told ‘f*** you. This isn’t enough, I need more.’ That’s not a tenable situation for anybody,” cbass explained.

Ultimately, he wishes these conversations were kept private, as their now-public nature can have a huge impact on morale for not only other influencers at FaZe, but every employee working behind the scenes to try and do the right things for the brand moving forward.

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“Hopefully we can all find a way to work together. I’d love nothing more than for us to work this all out.”

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