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FaZe Clan halts FaZe1 Warehouse show after “wave of positive tests”

Published: 11/May/2022 14:45 Updated: 11/May/2022 14:46

by Virginia Glaze


FaZe Clan’s new reality show, ‘The Warehouse,’ has been postponed, after coming under scrutiny as a “wave of positive tests” have prompted the disqualification of multiple contestants.

In a massive leap for live-streamed projects, FaZe has unveiled its very own live show, ‘The Warehouse,’ which aims to add a new content creator into its ever-growing fold.

The show pits 20 influencers against each other in a ‘Big Brother’ style competition, with all participants living together in FaZe’s decked-out warehouse space for fifteen days (until May 20).

The proceedings are streamed on Twitch 24/7, with individual creators taking control of the stream for an hour each day. The challenges are high-stakes, the games are fun, and the prize is an enviable spot in the FaZe Clan lineup. Fans are understandably hyped.


Unfortunately, a wave of positive cases have prompted the disqualification of five participants mere days after it kicked off on May 6. Those affected include Potter, ENZO, Ernsto, Reversah, and Legend.

While fans were quick to send their sympathies to the disqualified players and a warm welcome to their alternates, a tearful video from Ernsto on May 10 has sparked some backlash against FaZe for DQ’ing players instead of pressing pause on the competition.

“I really thought this was it, man,” Ernsto said through tears. “I really thought this was the one. But whoever’s up there watching me, I guess it wasn’t my time.”


Commenters across Twitter are now calling on FaZe to change their approach to health concerns regarding the show.

“FaZe Clan is not handling this well,” one user wrote. “This is literally just turning into whoever’s lucky enough to not get [redacted] joins FaZe. They need to give everyone a chance again.”

“I find it so ridiculous that FaZe didn’t have a protocol in place for such a relevant issue in today’s day and age,” another said. “This is so unfair to everyone who spent months competing to be disqualified over something they can’t control.”

FaZe Mew — a professional gamer and content creator for FaZe — has offered some insight into the current situation, citing “contracts, sponsors, production crew, etc.” as reasons why “the show must go on.”


FaZe Clan responds to FaZe 1 Warehouse show disqualifications

Shortly after this article was initially published, FaZe issued a statement in a video via Twitter. In the video clip, Warehouse host FaZe ‘cbass’ Sabastian appeared to assure the DQ’d contestants that FaZe would continue to keep them in mind in spite of their early exit from the show.

Cbass also explained that, although the ongoing global health issue is “an active situation and changing all the time, for the sake of the contestants we have here, we are committed to moving forward.”

The organization then followed up by confirming the show will be rescheduled, and that the disqualified contestants will be allowed to return.


No exact date has been provided, but the org said it will do so when it is safe to resume.