Adin Ross “booted” from LA Clout House amid Ricegum beef

Adin Ross sat in a car posing for cameraInstagram: Adin Ross

Streaming star Adin Ross has hinted at being booted from the Clout House and leaving Los Angeles altogether as his beef with Ricegum continues to ramp up.

For the longest time, content creators have lived together in content houses so that they can make content together, and the new age Clout House has helped some creators become internet stars.

That includes Adin Ross, who had a big following before swapping Florida for LA in early 2021. Since making the switch, the streamer has seen his following continue to grow as he gets bigger and bigger.

Recently, he’s been involved in some beef with Ricegum as the pair have gone back and forth across social media – though not everyone is buying the drama as being real. However, it seems as if Adin has now dipped out of LA as they continue to trade jabs online.

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adin ross lake house treesInstagram: adinross
Adin has become huge on Twitch.

Late in the day on July 2nd, the Twitch streamer tweeted that he had to ‘get out of here’, with fans quickly taking that to mean leaving the Clout House rather than LA.

A few hours it became apparent that Adin was leaving Los Angeles too, suggesting that he’d even been booted from the house rather than just quit on his own accord.

“I got booted Ong (on god). I’m getting tf outta LA idgaf anymore f**k all this,” he said.

While some fans weren’t buying it, replying and suggesting it was still all a ruse, given that there was an Instagram live clip of him trying to get into Ricegum’s room just prior to the tweets.

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Adin did upload an Instagram story of himself sat on a plane shortly after.

“F**k LA. F**k that house. I’m out,” he captioned the photo, though there were no hints as to where he might be heading to.

Adin Ross instagram story about leaving LAInstagram: AdinRoss
Adin’s post indicated that he was done with LA and was traveling elsewhere.

Since that Instagram story, he has been somewhat quiet on social media, only responding to a tweet that poked fun at Ricegum.

It remains to be seen if he has actually been removed from the Clout House, and if so, what he does next.