Ethan Klein reveals Andrew Tate sent him a cease and desist letter

Andrew Tate Ethan KleinYouTube: Full Send Podcast / Instagram: h3h3productions

Ethan Klein has just announced online that Andrew Tate reportedly sent him a cease and desist letter and has requested Klein stop talking about him during his content.

With Andrew Tate now banned from all social media, many other content creators and influencers have been discussing the situation as well as voicing their thoughts and opinions on Tate and some of the controversial things he has said in the past. One of the most outspoken voices in this mix has been YouTuber and content creator Ethan Klein.

Following a recent podcast, it appears Tate has tried to stop any further coverage about him being spread on H3. On Twitter, Ethan Klein addressed a tweet to the “free speech champions that defended Andrew Tate.”

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He then went on in the tweet to reveal that he “just got a cease and desist letter from… Andrew Tate! He demands I stop talking about him.” Klein then asked for people’s thoughts on this move from Tate.

Fans of Tate are defending the move, calling out Klein and others who have been talking about the influencer as breaching defamation laws and rules given that he is unable to defend himself online anymore.

Some are defending Klein and highlighting that almost every influencer has been speaking out about Andrew Tate. Others are even questioning if Klein did in fact receive a letter and that he might have simply made this up as a way to further fuel hatred towards Tate.

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However, Klein was quick to put those theories to bed. To follow up on his earlier tweet, Klein posted a quick instagram video showing the email he received about the cease and desist in question.

In the instagram video, he explains how he “received an email today from Andrew’s attorney.” The email is then shown in the background of the video, with Klein confirming that it is asking him to “cease and desist talking about him.”

He then calls out Tate for his hypocrisy, questioning “what about my free speech Andrew?” Klein – who is clearly unfazed by this development in the video – implies that he will not stop talking about Tate who he then describes as a “womanizer, misogynistic loser of a man.”

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