Emma Chamberlain has returned to YouTube and the internet is Freaking Out

Emma Chamberlain YouTube comebackYouTube: Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain has returned to YouTube after a six-month hiatus and fans are losing their minds, with her latest video already racking up half a million views.

Emma Chamberlain is an extremely popular influencer best known for her down-to-earth fashion and lifestyle vlogs on YouTube.

However, she’s also something of a coffee connoisseur, and owns her very own coffee company. This, alongside her status as a bonafide Cartier ambassador, puts her at the top of social media stardom… but she took a major step back from her biggest platform late last year.

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In 2021, Chamberlain revealed that she would be taking an indefinite hiatus from creating content due to the pressures of making regular videos and the lack of privacy from daily vlogging. Her last upload was published on December 14, 2021.

Emma Chamberlain under fire for Met Gala 2022 necklaceYouTube: Vogue
Although Emma has been off YouTube, she’s still been making money moves – as seen in her interviews on the red carpet at 2022’s Met Gala.

Six months later, she’s finally returned to YouTube with an unexpected, but overwhelmingly welcome, video.

In her video, Chamberlain wandered around New York asking citizens for their favorite food spots and the best places to visit using nothing but a handwritten sign and a microphone.

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It was an adorable affair that showcased the friendly side of NYC, and Chamberlain ended up loving the experience.

Although she didn’t acknowledge her comeback in the video directly, she did post a short sentence in the video’s description: “Happy to be back.”

It turns out that her fans are also ecstatic about her latest vlog… but mostly because she’s finally uploaded after going dark for half a year.

“Emma Chamberlain posting on YouTube has saved my year tbh,” one fan said over on Twitter.

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“I want everyone to know that i walked out of my add math exam and the first thing I saw was the notification from Emma Chamberlain posting on YouTube and I’ve never frozen in place quite as fast,” another joked.

“Emma Chamberlain has posted on YouTube and all is right with the world now,” another fan said.

Even YouTube chimed in on the celebration, leaving a personal message to Emma in the comments on her New York vlog.

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youtube emma chamberlain comment

It’s clear that viewers are happier than ever that Chamberlain is back on YouTube, and we can’t wait to see where this new chapter takes her next.

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