Why is Emma Chamberlain’s ‘uncomfortable’ laugh going viral on TikTok?

emma chamberlains uncomfortable laugh goes viral on tiktokYouTube: emma chamberlain

YouTube star and fashion icon Emma Chamberlain is going viral on TikTok as users are obsessed with her ‘uncomfortable laugh.’

Emma Chamberlain officially returned to making content in June 2022 after a six-month hiatus, sharing her travels with viewers and sending fans into a tizzy.

However, it isn’t her new videos that are taking TikTok by storm; instead, it’s a viral moment from one of her 2021 vlogs, back when she notably dyed her hair from blonde to a deep, chestnut brown.

During the video, Chamberlain contemplates whether or not her hair change will “affect [her] love life” before letting out an awkward laugh, which she emphasized with some humorous echoes during editing for maximum awkwardness.

(Topic begins at 5:25)

TikTokers have begun using her giggle as a sound on the app, mainly to highlight an awkward or otherwise unpleasant moment — like this TikToker, who suddenly realized that “suppressing your emotions can lead to memory loss.”

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Their video has garnered over 6.7 million plays at the time of writing, and viewers just can’t get enough of how genius it was to use Emma’s humorous laugh for an otherwise serious realization.

The sound originated from a TikTok uploaded in April 2019 by user ‘cuppyskull,’ showing footage of Chamberlain laughing with the caption: “When my friend is telling me dark jokes about their family.”

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Thus far, there have been about 51,000 TikTok videos that have used the sound, with TikTokers using Emma’s laugh as a way to express their own discomfort over certain situations, like this TikToker whose dentist didn’t exactly have a positive opinion of her crooked tooth.

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This is just the latest sound to go viral on the app after netizens discovered another way to share their childhood trauma using an equally contrasting sound in Hannah Montana’s ‘Best of Both Worlds.’