MrBeast offers to buy $10k Instagram DM from Emma Chamberlain despite backlash

MrBeast videoYouTube: FLAGRANT

MrBeast has made a bid to buy one of Emma Chamberlain’s customized Instagram messages for thousands of dollars.

The “personal thank you note” made available to fans, which costs $10,000, was widely ridiculed online, to the point where many believed it to be a joke or promotional strategy.

However, MrBeast commented beneath one of these criticisms and voiced his intent to buy one of the messages, saying: “I’m gonna buy it and see what it says lol”.

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It is not yet confirmed if MrBeast has made the purchase yet, though he has a history of making wild expenses for the sake of content.

The store helpfully provides the option to pay for the message in $900 installments every month if they can’t afford the full cost upfront.

Other items in Emma Chamberlain’s store include her new coffee company, Chamberlain Coffee.

However, the shop has been “under construction” since the sales went viral, and many have speculated that the negative reaction was responsible for this.

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Chamberlain is not the first person to try to use this kind of monetization trick. Sites like Cameo have also seen influencers use messages or emails to get donations from fans, though none of them have ever been quite as expensive as this one.

MrBeast is no stranger to odd Twitter interactions, having had to debunk his own announced death earlier this week.