Eddie Hearn hints multiple celebrities want to fight KSI & Logan Paul

Justin Bieber / tommytntfury, Instagram

YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul settled their grudge once and for all in the boxing ring on November 9. However, it doesn’t look like their fighting careers are ending anytime soon, according to promoter Eddie Hearn.

While the two YouTubers claimed their beef is officially over, other major names in the entertainment biz are looking to throw down with the internet stars in wake of their massive boxing event.

According to a statement from Hearn provided by Sky Sports Boxing, a number of A-list celebrities are chomping at the bit for a chance at taking on both KSI and Logan Paul – some of whom could prove a major threat in the ring.

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TheBreadBatch, InstagramKSI took the victory over rival Logan Paul by split-decision from the judges on November 9.

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“Five or six calls this week from probably the highest-profile people in their fields,” Hearn admitted in the aftermath of the viral rematch. “Sports, music, acting – who don’t say anything but, ‘Can I fight the winner?’ So now, we have to look at that. By the way, two or three of them can really fight.”

As for the celebs in question, Hearn claimed that he’d “promised” he wouldn’t let their names slip – but one top fighter has made it very clear that he’s up for the challenge.

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Professional boxer Tommy Fury presented an open challenge to KSI during a November 11 press conference with BT Boxing, calling for a duel between two British boxers.

“I’ve heard he wants to continue fighting, so if he wants a real fight, he knows where I am,” Fury asserted. “I’m saying to KSI, if you want it, you know where it is. I’m young and we are both from that influencing world – he is from YouTube, I am from Love Island. We both have a great following here in the UK. Why not make it a battle of Britain?”

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While Fury may be a professional fighter, celebs like Justin Bieber have likewise been involved in the KSI vs LP narrative – and although he hasn’t issued an official challenge, KSI claims that a fight with the celeb would end in Bieber getting “destroyed.”

For now, it looks like KSI is resting up, although Logan Paul is open to bouts with pro MMA fighters following his boxing loss.