Dr Disrespect takes shot at Twitch with New Year’s resolution

Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect has some big plans for 2022, but his biggest resolution might be finally getting back on Twitch. Not only that, but he also wants to recoup some of the money he’s lost in the meantime as well.

The Two-Time being banned from Twitch is one of the biggest storylines in the history of the streaming site. Even though it happened in June 2020, we still have no idea why he was made a pariah on the site.

Since then though, he’s said he knows why it happened, and was in the process of taking legal action. On New Year’s Day 2022 Doc revealed his goals for the year, which includes getting unbanned and a “massive payment.”

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Dr Disrespect could be coming for Twitch in 2022

In an exclusive image of the Champion’s Club meeting where he laid out his goals for the new year, we see mention of his new studio Midnight Society, a bourbon business, and a music album.

Just after “Doc Con ’22” though is the biggest of them all: “Unbanned and Massive Payment” in bright purple, leaving no question of which website he’s referring to.

Back in August of 2021, the streamer said he knew why Twitch had banned him and was planning to sue the site. He hasn’t shared the details of his banishment just yet, but according to this, we could very well have more info sometime this year.

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DrDisrespect_stock1Dr Disrespect
Doc has been banned from YouTube for over a year now, and it’s still a mystery as to why.

When and if Doc’s lawyers do file a lawsuit against Twitch, the information on their case should become public record. So far, we haven’t seen anything, but based on these resolutions, that could all be changing.

At this point, the whole question of why the Two-Time was ostracized from Twitch has become one of the biggest mysteries on the internet. If Doc’s resolutions aren’t just a meme though, we could finally have an answer sometime in 2022.