Dr Disrespect back on Twitch? Lawyer explains how Doc’s lawsuit could shake out

Dr Disrespect / Twitch

Dr Disrespect knows why he was banned on Twitch and is taking legal action against the platform, which could end up getting him back on the site according to an attorney.

Gaming, Esports, and Content Creator Attorney, Roger Quiles, thinks Doc could realistically be allowed to stream on Twitch again if he wins. But that’s only one possible outcome for what should be a contentious legal proceeding.

In Summer 2020, one of the biggest mysteries on the internet unfolded after Dr Disrespect was permanently banned from Twitch. About a year later, the Doc revealed that he found out why he was ousted and even planned to take action against the streaming site.

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Quiles reacted to Doc’s decision to go up against Twitch, claiming it could go in a few different directions, but one thing is for sure: The lawsuit is going to be very expensive for those involved.

dr disrespect twitch lawsuitDr Disrespect
Doc said he was going to take action against Twitch over his perma ban.

There’s two ways the two parties can settle their differences: Through the courts or through arbitration. The former would likely take years of disputes, arguments, and proceedings, while the latter would be quicker and keep many details confidential.

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So if this does go through arbitration, there is a chance that we never know [why Doc was banned] and we’ll continue to not know what has transpired,” Quiles said. “Fingers-crossed that it is something that can go to court, cause if it does, all the records are public information.”

However, it doesn’t matter how they decide to go about it, as there’s a few ways this could shake out. While many would liken the situation to what Phantoml0rd went through in his battle with Twitch, Quiles thinks this situation could play out much differently.

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When asked about possible outcomes of the Twitch vs Doc lawsuit, Quiles had a few theories about how the dust could settle.

There’s a world in which Doc actually wins the case against Twitch, which would land him a significant payday for damages and he’d “potentially even be put back on the platform.”

Dr Disrespect Twitch BannedDr Disrespect
Doc’s ban from Twitch is still shrouded in mystery.

Another scenario could occur where Dr Disrespect loses the suit, leading him to still be ousted on Twitch while paying the company’s legal fees.

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And, finally, the two parties could sit together privately to discuss a settlement. This would be the least public route, with details and awards being navigated behind closed doors.

It’s way too early to know what will happen in Dr Disrespect’s case against Twitch, but there’s already plenty of ways legal experts can see this going down.

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