Dr Disrespect has perfect response to fans trying to bait him into saying slurs

Dr Disrespect talks on YouTube stream.YouTube/Dr Disrespect

Veteran streamer Dr Disrespect has carefully dodged a potential YouTube landmine, dropping the perfect response to one fan’s attempt to trick the two-time into saying slurs on-stream with a sneaky Spanish name.

The two-time was between Warzone games ⁠— maybe his last, for a while ⁠— when he received a YouTube donation from one of his Champions Club viewers.

“Alvaro Zuniga!” the Doc yelled, before seemingly clocking what the name was really trying to get him to do. He immediately started twisting the name in true Dr Disrespect style, warping the tail-end of the Spanish username to comedic effect. “Zunig⁠— Zunija? Zuni— nya. Nya. Ni⁠— Zunyaija!”

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Then the streamer laughed: “You tried to get me, didn’t you?”

The streaming landmine the Doc had spotted early soon became apparent ⁠— the seemingly innocent “Alvaro” dono was meant to trick him into saying a slur.

Dr Disrespect shocked.YouTube: Dr Disrespect
The two-time couldn’t believe one of his own fans would try to get him banned.

Luckily, Dr Disrespect has been around the block more than a few times, and immediately clocked the fact his fans were trying to put him in hot water. Instead, he called it out and turned on the jets.

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“You think that could’ve been bad?” he laughed.

“You really did try, huh, Alvaro!” the YouTuber continued, a half-smirk across his face. The donation quickly became the target of his mocking roasts. “Huh? You tried to get me? That’s you? Did you try to get me?

“You tried to get me! You’re trying? You put a little Spanish twist on it, huh? Put the little thing about the ‘n’ to have my kinda pro⁠— Gotcha. Uhuh, okay. Gotcha.”

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Twitch and YouTube streamers alike have been de-platformed in the past for using racial slurs ⁠— usually deliberately rather than accidentally, however ⁠— so the two-time could have been in big trouble.

Dr Disrespect claims there “was no danger,” however.

“That would have been bad?” the two-time read in his Champions Club chat. “No, no, it wouldn’t have been. Unless it’s clipped, taken out of context, and posted up on social media and say, ‘Oh god, this guy said this, he’s racist!’

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“Even then,” he added, “I’d challenge it real quick, boom! I’d get right in there. F**k it up. You know what I mean? Accept reality, [a bait message] won’t do anything.”

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