Dr Disrespect takes swipe at Twitch amid backlash over branded content plans

Dr Disrespect alongside Twitch logoDr Disrespect/Twitch

Dr Disrespect has taken shots at Twitch over their planned changes to branded content that have sparked outrage in the streaming community. 

Over the years, Twitch has made plenty of changes that have annoyed streamers across the board – no matter if they’re big stars bringing in 20,000 viewers a day or an upstart channel. 

On June 6, though, the Amazon-owned platform landed itself in hot water with the entire streaming community when they revealed plans to implement new branded content guidelines – including limiting on-screen adverts to 3% of the screen size.

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A few streamers have threatened to quit Twitch if the plans go through and non-Twitch streamers have urged others to swap. Though, Dr Disrespect didn’t try to recruit anyone to YouTube. Instead, he decided to just take a dig at Twitch. 

Dr Disrespect takes swipe at Twitch over planned changes

The Doc, whose reason for being mysteriously banned on Twitch back in 2020 has still not yet been made public, hasn’t been shy in taking some swipes at the Amazon-owned platform. 

As pretty much every other streamer, and even plenty of non-streamers, were furious with Twitch’s plans, he had a simple statement on the matter. “Purple snakes slitherin,” he tweeted shortly after Twitch backtracked on the plans.

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The Two-Time didn’t add anything else but did get plenty of replies backing his stance. That included one from Kick, adding further fuel to the fire that he could eventually find himself over there.

As noted, Twitch has climbed down a bit from its plans to enforce changes to on-screen adverts and they’ll seemingly be “reevaluating” the rule around 3% logos on-screen.

It remains to be seen what will change and when they’ll decide to announce it, but this idea certainly has streamers riled up.

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