Supercar Road Trip with OpTic HECZ: Esports’ Biggest Entrepreneur

hecz and dexerto's mike kentDexerto


Dexerto’s Mike Kent caught up with H3CZ for a road trip, and while the engine of a Ferrari provided the perfect backdrop, the OpTic boss opened up on his career, his passion for cars (and his accidents), and Mike’s driving skills.

H3CZ is now one of the most successful and influential people in all of esports, but even if he hadn’t chosen this path, he still believes he would have been working for himself eventually, pursuing one of his many passions, which includes graffiti.

In fact, some of his favorite influencers are talented graffiti artists who have also become content creators through YouTube.

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Mike and Hector also debate the merits of losers’ interviews in esports, and the battle for content and news.