Domino’s worker sparks backlash after viral TikTok complaining about homeless customers

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an image of domino's pizza tiktok
TikTok: @isaiahafk, Twitter: Domino's Pizza

A Domino’s employee went viral on TikTok after sparking debate for complaining about giving homeless people food at work. 

The TikTok landscape has allowed viewers to see a different side of their favorite fast-food restaurants. From secret orders to viewing Chick-Fil-A under a microscope, one restaurant that often appears is Domino’s Pizza.

An employee of a Domino’s Pizza branch in California has gone viral after posting a TikTok video, in which they appear to complain about handing out free food to homeless people.

With over 500,000 views and counting, the TikToker has ignited a debate on whether his point of view is too harsh or not.

an image of domino's pizza tiktok
Domino’s Pizza is featured on TikTok often as employees reveal secrets and more about the brand.

TikToker @isaiahfk posted the clip inside a Domino’s restaurant on May 21, asking TikTok viewers the following question: “what’s your funniest homeless interaction?”

The post was accompanied by the hashtag “#poverty”, which has added fuel to the flames of the comments section.

The reaction to Isaiah’s post has split TikTok users, especially as one commenter was previously homeless themselves. TikTok user @melnik.willyam87 said: “I was homeless for 2 years. I survived because of the kindness of strangers like you.”

Another commenter, @dreamdeliriously added: “This is why I shouldn’t be trusted if someone asked me for free food cause they are hungry. I’m giving it to them, I’d rather be fired than say no.”

Conversely, other TikTok users have taken side with Isaiah’s seemingly negative stance.

One user commented: “I gave someone who was “homeless” money then saw him in the store buying groceries and he drove away in a car better than mine.”

Another shared a similar story, saying: “a homeless guy asked for a cup of water and not only did he get rootbeer, he yelled at us and threw the cup full of rootbeer at us.”

Isaiah has posted similar videos on his TikTok page, which have yielded even further debate.

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