Dominic Brack issues apology after Sofie Dossi cheating scandal

Dominic Brack apologizes to Sofie over breakup dramaYouTube: Dominic Brack

TikToker Dominic Brack has issued an apology to his fans and his ex-girlfriend, fellow influencer Sofie Dossi, after she accused him of cheating on her in several viral videos.

Sofie Dossi and Dominic Brack were a popular influencer-couple that had millions of fans, playfully dubbed ‘Dofies.’

The two had been dating for a year and a half and met when they were sixteen. However, their seemingly picture-perfect relationship crumbled in October 2022 when Sofie claimed Dominic had cheated on her.

Of the two internet stars, Sofie boasts the bigger fanbase, with 7 million YouTube subscribers and 11 million TikTok followers, compared to Dominic’s 1.6 million subs and 3.5 million TikTok followers.

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Those followers were shocked when, on October 7, she uploaded a clip with the caption: “When he knew I loved surprises, so he surprised me by cheating on me.”

That’s not all; Sofie even created a music video called ‘He Cheated,’ where she waxed poetic about her breakup from Dominic and his purported infidelity. At the time of writing, her video boasts over 2 million views.

Dominic Brack apologizes for cheating on Sofie Dossi

On October 10, Dominic came forward with his version of events, explaining that being public on social media with Sofie had put “a ton of pressure” on their relationship.

“As time went on, I felt I was too young and immature to be in a relationship this serious at such a young age,” he admitted. “When this started to really freak me out, I tried to do what I should’ve done and I went to her house and I tried to end the relationship.”

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However, Dominic says that Sofie didn’t want to break up, so the couple tried to make things work, even though he wasn’t really feeling the spark anymore. Ultimately, he admitted to cheating on Sofie and issued an apology to both his ex-girlfriend and their collective fanbase.

“I feel absolutely horrible, because Sofie did not deserve this at all,” he continued. “She was nothing but perfect to me the entire relationship. She was the sweetest girl ever. She does not deserve this. I do not deserve her.”

According to Dominic, he and Sofie are still friends in spite of their breakup, saying they had tried to make it work after the cheating issue but ultimately decided to part ways.

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This is just the latest relationship drama to take over YouTube after Ned Fulmer of the Try Guys admitted to carrying out an extramarital affair with a workplace associate last month.