Doctor gets flamed after posting video of live surgery in Twitter ‘console war’ debate

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A surgeon is going viral for posting a video of himself in the middle of a procedure during a heated console wars debate on Twitter, leading to his hospital getting review bombed.

Gamers go to great lengths to defend their honor, including digging into their fellow debater’s history. It’s common to see two Call of Duty or Fortnite players getting into it online and posting each other’s stats in the replies.

However, it’s not every day that you see someone claiming to be a doctor vehemently defending their console of choice. That was the case for Twitter user ‘Shreeveera’ who, until recently, had “doctor by profession” in his bio.

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While arguing with Xbox fans over which console is superior, many of his online combatants questioned whether or not he was a real doctor. To prove his legitimacy, Shreeveera shared a video of himself in medical garb inside of an operating room.

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Hospital Review bombed for video

The video showed Shreeveera, his unconscious patient, and a close-up look at the patient’s medical information. His post was meant to prove he was a doctor and own the “Xbots” – but instead, it incited a slew of backlash. We won’t be sharing the video to help protect the identity of the patient.

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Despite claiming the patient gave him consent to share the video, Twitter users were livid. Many users blasted the video as “unethical” and others argued it was “grounds for a lawsuit and termination.”

Shreeveera eventually took the video down and changed his Twitter bio. However, users had already found the hospital where Shreeveera practices, resulting in numerous users leaving 1-star reviews calling out the doctor’s actions.

shreeveera review bomb

Shreeveera posts apology video

After deleting the clip, Shreeveera uploaded an apology video to YouTube. He addressed his actions and stated that his main intentions were “childish and foolish” and claims he will be a better man for it.

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He also states that the video was blown out of proportion, despite accepting his actions were a mistake. “We should never cross the line where someone’s hobby transcends into someone’s personal life. Trying to dox people, trying to target people and make their lives miserable,” stated Shreeveera.

Shreeveera claims participating in console wars – or “console passion” as he calls them – is his hobby, while saving lives is his profession. Regardless of his efforts to make amends, Twitter users are still not letting his actions slide.

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