Dixie D’Amelio receives death threats after posting risque fashion pic

Virginia Glaze

TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio is on the receiving end of some major backlash after posting a few risque photos to Instagram — and critics aren’t happy about it.

Dixie D’Amelio is one of TikTok’s most prominent content creators. On top of being Charli D’Amelio’s older sister, Dixie has branched out from her status as a social media star to become a singer, whose burgeoning career has included features with Wiz Khalifa and tours with Big Time Rush.

Dixie has also taken some major fashion risks as of late. In 2022, the TikTok monarch famously buzzed her long, dark hair during her breakup with fellow influencer Noah Beck in favor of a seriously short ‘do.

After that, she dyed her pixie cut platinum blonde and is going full rocker-girl on us — and although some fans are here for her new style, others are definitely against this latest change.

Dixie D’Amelio sparks outrage with controversial outfit

The most recent fashion risk Dixie took happened over the weekend. On May 6, the oldest D’Amelio sister posted a few pics to Instagram wearing a lacy black leotard with nothing underneath, clearly showing off some cleavage.

Critics instantly took to the comments section in an outrage, seemingly angered about Dixie showing her body to young fans.

“You know children see this,” one user wrote.

“Bro, you’re a bad example,” another said.

However, these criticisms were the least of the angry messages she’d get. Dixie also received public death threats from angry users, one of whom wrote: “I genuinely hope you are the next victim of a mass shooting. (No offense.)”

It doesn’t look like Dixie is letting the backlash get her down, though. The ‘One Whole Day’ singer adamantly hit back at critics in her comments, replying to one angry fan: “I have said from the beginning that I am not a role model. I do me and want to be myself.”

This isn’t the first time Dixie has had a public nip-slip, though. During her tour with Big Time Rush in 2022, the TikTok-turned-music artist accidentally had a wardrobe malfunction on stage, which she laughed off in a series of humorous Twitter replies.

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