Dixie D’Amelio explains why “disrespectful” Noah Beck clip was deleted from Bradley Martyn’s channel

Dixie D'Amelio Noah Beck Bradley Martyn clip removedYouTube: Dixie D'Amelio

Not too long ago, YouTube star and fitness guru Bradley Martyn uploaded a workout video with TikToker Noah Beck — but the video was suddenly deleted and reuploaded, and weeks later, we now know why.

Dixie D’Amelio and Noah Beck have become one of TikTok’s most popular couples. After months of claiming they were “just friends,” the two finally made it official after the release of Dixie’s ‘Be Happy’ music video with a viral on-screen smooch.

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The two have been inseparable ever since then, but things aren’t always sunshine and roses for the happy duo; in fact, the two recently got into a small spat, which caused Bradley Martyn to delete and re-edit an entire video.

As for the reason for their argument? A deleted clip from the video has made the rounds once again, which shows Martyn and Beck discussing the intimate details of Noah’s relationship with Dixie (which we won’t transcribe here).

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In any case, it seems that Dixie was not pleased by this conversation, which prompted Beck to reach out to Martyn, asking him to remove the conversation from the video.

D’Amelio and Beck discussed the matter during an April 15 episode of the ‘2 Chix’ podcast, where Dixie claimed the conversation was “disrespectful.”

“I was pissed,” Dixie said. “I don’t care, I was pissed.”

“She had every right to be,” Noah explained. “She texted me and was like, really mad.”

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(Topic starts at 15:09)

“I just thought it was disrespectful. I wasn’t mad at Brad, at all. Cause Brad was literally telling you to shut up.”

“I guess I just got carried away,” Noah continued. “That’s just straight-up locker room talk with your boys. Even then, I usually don’t kiss and tell, but it’s nice to show you off. But I guess it wasn’t a good way of doing it. Not the right time or place.”

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Luckily, Martyn agreed to re-edit the video, and even claimed that YouTube had flagged it for inappropriate content — but the truth has come out, and it looks like Noah will be more careful regarding how he speaks about his relationship in the future.