Disguised Toast explains why he doesn’t want to go back to LA after Canada trip

Disguised toast in personDisguised Toast

Popular streamer, Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang, has given his thoughts on his Canada trip and return to Los Angeles. 

Disguised Toast recently traveled to Canada for a much-needed break, as well as to spend time with his family. During his downtime, the popular streamer has been playing Pokemon Legends Arceus, while also exploring the sights around Vancouver. 

His IRL streams have certainly attracted a lot of attention from local fans, with some even trekking miles to see the streamer. Many viewers have been excited to see where Toast’s next adventure takes them. 

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However, during his recent outing around Vancouver, Toast gave his honest thoughts on LA and why he may not return. Instead, he may end up staying in Canada for good. 

Disguised Toast on staying in Canada

“This is my vacation, I do it every year to escape from Los Angeles and OTV. It’s always Toast do this, Toast do that,” laughed the streamer. There’s a small chance I don’t go back to Los Angeles, a very small chance. Like a 1% chance.”

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It’s clear that Disguised Toast enjoys the peacefulness and beauty of Canada, particularly when compared to the hustle and bustle of LA. “I could just stay in Canada, buy a cabin, live in the snowy mountains like a hermit. No one will ever know. It will be nice and peaceful.”

When discussing his lifestyle in LA, Toast stated: “There’s only streaming in LA and industry events. I can’t, don’t make me go back. Don’t make me go back, I don’t want to be content anymore. I’m ready for retirement,” joked Toast.

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While he said that his chances of staying in Canada may be slim, Disguised Toast and OTV fans will have to see what he does next. Make sure you check out his official Twitch for all the latest streams. 

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