Disguised Toast’s Pokemon Legends Arceus stream isn’t going as planned & it’s hilarious

Disguised Toast playing Pokemon Legends ArceusDisguised Toast/Game Freak

Pokemon Legends Arceus is finally out and Twitch star Disguised Toast is currently playing through the new open-world game. However, his creature collection adventure isn’t going smoothly. 

Disguised Toast has started his playthrough of Pokemon Legends Arceus, giving his viewers the chance to join him on his journey through the Hisui region. However, unlike previous titles in the series, Legends Arceus puts an emphasis on open-world exploration.

For the first time ever, trainers can freely explore their surroundings when catching the game’s colorful critters. Whether it’s scaling large mountaintops or surfing through vast lakes, there are plenty of secrets awaiting players.

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However, both the environment and the Pokemon that inhabit it can be incredibly dangerous. Well, this is exactly what Disguised Toast found when he explored a certain location. 

Disguised Toast highlights the dangers of Hisui

Disguised Toast playing Pokemon Legends ArceusGame Freak
Disguised Toast has been playing through Pokemon Legends Arceus.

During his January 25 stream of Pokemon Legends Arceus, Toast encountered a hilarious scenario that saw his character perpetually spawn into danger. After attempting to jump over a stream with Wyrdeer – the streamer quickly realized that his trusty mount didn’t clear the water as gracefully as he’d hoped. 

Instead, the Pokemon plunged him directly into the depths below, leaving Toast to simply watch as his trainer haplessly flailed around. After respawning into the map, his character fell back into the water and proceeded to drown for the second time. 

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However, it was his third respawn that had the chat in hysterics. In order to stop the perpetual spawn trap from continuing, Toast waited before inputting any directions. Instead, he used the time to assess the situation and find a safer way across the stream. 

Unfortunately, a nearby Buizel had other plans, and the water-type Pokemon slammed into Toast’s character, sending him plummeting into the water once again. The comical timing couldn’t have been any better, and we can’t wait to see the rest of Toast’s adventure through the Hisui region.