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Dillon Danis responds to Logan Paul with $1 million fight offer

Published: 11/Aug/2020 12:58

by Alice Hearing


MMA fighter Dillon Danis has fuelled rumors he could be fighting Logan Paul by offering him $1 million if he can beat him in a wrestling match on Twitter.

Logan Paul and his brother Jake Paul are a huge part of the YouTube boxing phenomenon that continues to grow, with stars such as KSI and AnEsonGib stepping into the ring to challenge their fellow creators.

In recent months the Paul brothers have even begun pulling in celebrities from other walks of fame including members of the Hype House who staged a match inside Jake Paul’s own boxing ring.

Jake Paul and Logan Paul boxing Youtubers
Instagram: Logan Paul
The Paul brothers have considered becoming professional boxers

More recently Jake Paul confirmed his next match would be against ex-NBA star Nate Robinson, although the match has been postponed until November.

On Monday night Logan Paul tweeted that he’d give $10,000 to any influencer that could beat him in a wrestling match. Danis retweeted him and said $1 million “if you can beat me.”

Just last week Danis, hinted in an interview with ESPN MMA that he would be fighting one of the Paul brothers. He said: “About Logan Paul. They have reached out, so like it will happen. One of them will happen – 100%.”

Dillon Danis is an MMA fighter and training partner of Conor McGregor. The 26-year-old has feuded with the Paul brothers before and has even bet $1 million on a fight in the past via a comment on Instagram

Danis wasn’t the only fighter to lay down their gauntlet. MMA fighter and retired UFC star Ben Askren, responded: “I’ll pin you in less than a minute, bad hip and all.”

Logan hit back with the word “chill” and a screenshot of a google result showing the result of Askren’s encounter with middleweight contender Jorge Masivdal, when he was knocked out within 5 seconds by a flying knee in 2019. Askren quickly snapped back “Sh** happens, you think you can last 1 minute or no?”

Several high-profile creators also responded to Logan’s tweet including makeup artist James Charles who replied “Pay up.” Youtuber Corinna Kopf also replied: “Okay I’ll give it a go”.

Bradley Martyn, a bodybuilder and fitness influencer, responded with “?”, to which Logan responded “a worthy opponent.”

Zach Clayton, a musician and creator with 6 million followers on TikTok responded “I’ll milly rock ur sh*t.” Logan hit back, “Who the f**k are you?”

Whether a fight with Dillon Danis goes ahead or not, it looks as though Logan Paul has more than enough influencers to choose from.


BitTorrent acquires DLive to add live streaming to its offering

Published: 22/Oct/2020 22:00 Updated: 22/Oct/2020 15:41

by Adam Fitch


Peer-to-peer file-sharing company BitTorrent has announced its acquisition of blockchain-powered live streaming platform DLive.

The plan is to incorporate DLive and all BitTorrent-related services under one package, creating a unified offering entitled BitTorrent X. This move marks an evolution for the company, transitioning from a software company to a conglomerate made up of storage, data protocols, and content distribution options. BitTorrent and DLive are no strangers to each other, however, having initially formed a strategic partnership in December 2019. The deal saw the streaming platform joined BitTorrent’s ecosystem and it’s safe to assume that it was successful considering this development.

This marks an important milestone in the evolution of DLive — it started its journey when it launched a beta in December 2017, in April 2019 PewDiePie exclusively streamed on the platform, and later that year in November, it integrated with Streamlabs OBS. It’s brought on plenty of other entertaining streamers along its journey, too.

PewDiePie, YouTube

“We are more than excited to join the BitTorrent ecosystem as the collaboration will provide us with more innovative solutions to empower content creators and reward communities,” said Charles Wayn, DLive’s CEO. “Together with the BitTorrent team, we look forward to bringing disruptive innovations to the digital media space, and furthermore create value for our global community.”

The newly-formed BitTorrent X ecosystem will contain storage through BitTorrent File System, distribution through BitTorrent, and streaming through DLive. The company hopes that this will help in “establishing a truly decentralized internet” by driving “blockchain-related tools to billions of devices.” With the current streaming landscape fragmented among several major platforms, we’re sure DLive — with new ownership to boot — will be looking to step up, especially after the collapse of Mixer. More information on the newly-formed BitTorrent X is slated to be unveiled during a live event in November.